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4 Tips on How to Not Scratch Your Tanzanite Ring

Tanzanite jewelry is known for its brilliant colors that shift between deep blue and purple hues, and like most precious gemstones, the quality of tanzanite is judged by its clarity and sparkle – the less inclusions a gemstone has, the finer it is thought to be.


So if you receive a tanzanite engagement ring or meaningful piece of tanzanite jewelry, you probably want to keep it shining bright forever. So what precautions should you take while wearing your tanzanite jewelry, especially if you plan to wear it on a daily—or semi-daily—basis?


Here are some guidelines to keep your tanzanite shining bright.



The brilliant blue of tanzanite is formed by exposing the stone to intense heat. Thus, avoid exposing your jewelry to household chemicals or significant temperature fluctuations, as an intense heat or cold could cause the stone to crack.



This might seem a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised at home many people keep their rings and necklaces on at the gym. Tanzanite can chip if harshly bumped, so take your tanzanite rings off before heading to the gym or any intense workout or sport. Tanzanite Rings HQ always suggests to keep your tanzanite ring safe in a cloth bag so it doesn’t scratch or rub against other items. Most definitely avoid wearing your ring if you go to the pool, because exposing any jewelry to chlorine is never good.



If you are doing dishes, taking a shower, or just waking up in the morning, please don’t leave your jewelry on the edge of anything – the sink, the bathtub, the shower. More rings and earrings than you might suspect are lost each month down drains and trash compactors, and even if you think you’re being careful, a slight bump, tremor, or unexpected nudge could send your cherished gemstone tumbling down. There are jewelry dishes to prevent such loss, and some women even string their ring around their neck if they cannot (or do not want to) wear it for a certain activity.



Sometimes life distracts us and we’re less careful than we mean to be. In those instances, when it comes to your tanzanite jewelry, especially tanzanite rings, you might try and remove your ring by grabbing and tugging on the tanzanite gemstone. Do not do this! If you want to not only preserve the glittering blue of the stone, and also protect it against potential scuffs or dislodging, always wiggle the ring off via the band itself.